Cumin Powder/Jeera Powder (100 gm)


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  • Used As A Speedy Sprinkle In Salads, Soups Etc.
  • Unique Flavour And Taste
  • Choice Harvest Of Cumin Seeds
  • Packed Using Flavour Lock Technology
  • One Of The Staple Ingredients Of Curry Powders And Spice Blends.
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Cumin Is A Flowering Plant That Bred In The Farms Of Eastern India. We Make Sure That Each Seed Of Cumin Is Dried And Properly Roasted To Yield The Highest Quality Of Cumin Powder That Has All The Essential Oils Intact.Cumin (Whole Or Ground) Is One Of The Most Indispensable Ingredients That Is Used While Cooking Middle Eastern, Mexican, Moroccan, And Many Indian Savouries. Dishes Like Dum Pulao, Shahi Paneer Cannot Go Without Adding Jeera Powder Masala.

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Weight 100 g

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