Sabut / Whole Sarson / Mustard Dana / Seeds (100gm)


  • Rich Source Of Vitamin A & B
  • Used To Temper Gravies And Making Sauces, Chutneys And Pickles Etc.
  • Used To Temper Gravies Like Ulli Theeyal, Sambhar Etc.
  • Popular In Ayurveda For Body
  • 100% Natural And Organic
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Mustard Seeds (Peeli Sarson) Are The Dried Seeds Of The Mustard Plant. This Product Does Not Have A Strong Aroma And Is Most Commonly Used In Food Preservative And Meat Processing Applications. Yellow Mustard Seeds Are Not So Pungent And Sharp And Are Used More Often In Cooking As A Pickling Spice. Mustard Not Only Stimulates The Appetite By Increasing Salivation By Up To Eight Times, It Also Has Digestive, Laxative, Antiseptic, And Circulative Stimulant Properties.

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