Cinnamon / Dalchini / Dalcheeni Powder (100 gm)


  • 100% Natural Vegetarian Product From Kerala
  • No Additives,Preservatives And Colours Added
  • Can Be Used For Baking, Sprinkling On Fruits, Making Desserts Or Curry Powders
  • Extremely Fragrant, Rich And Full-bodied Cinnamon
  • Excellent For Daily Consumption
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Cinnamon Is A Spice Obtained From Bark Of Cinnamon Tree. It Is Being Used From Thousands Of Years For Various Health Benefits.Cinnamon Is Having A Strong Spicy Flavour And Is Often Used In Baking And Cooking. The Spicy Flavour Of Cinnamon Is Because Of Aromatic Essential Oil Present In It. Because Of Its Naturally Sweet Taste, Adding Cinnamon To Foods And Recipes Can Help You Cut Down On The Amount Of Sugar You Normally Use, Thereby Lowering The Glycaemic Load Of Your Meal.

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Weight 100 g

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