We are Urban Spices Pvt. Ltd. an FMCG producer focused on bringing you an awesome product range. We are into healthy edible seeds, exotic and incredible Indian spices, pure salts and more. Currently, we own three brands to cater to the requirements and bring you the products that will help you in bringing out the best in yourself.

Our Health Brand – ‘Healthy Planet’ is not only a successful brand in the general market but has also satisfied our customers with it’s quality of Superseeds and other Health Products like Green coffee and Flaxseed Oil. These products not only help in weight loss but also provides an individual with all the nutrition required without any traditional multi-vitamin supplements.

Spices are the most integral part of preparing any meal. I’m sure you would agree with this! The quality of Spices that one uses can either make or break the taste completely. At Urban Spices, We create magic with our combination for blended spices. Not only do we have the complete range for whole spices but also blended and special spices along with Seasoning Spices. Our premium brand- ‘Jiwesh’ has made a unique identity in this crowded market of Blended Spices and has replaced the traditional brands for spices.

Salto is our dedicated brand for the miraculous Himalayan Pink Salt which is rich in minerals and salt contains 84 Vital Minerals wich helps in regulating blood pressure and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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