We are Urban Spices Pvt. Ltd. an FMCG producer focused on bringing you an awesome product range. We are into healthy edible seeds, exotic and incredible Indian spices, pure salts and more. Currently, we own three brands to cater to the requirements and bring you the products that will help you in bringing out the best in yourself.

Healthy Planet is your Health Care Brand that defines Health and Wellness by the use of 100 % Natural and Chemical-free products. Discover “A New You” by including Healthy Planet Products in your lifestyle. Our constant efforts have made our vision of a Healthy Planet a reality by inculcating a culture of Providing Nutrition for all using Natural and Genuine Quality Nutritional Supplements in the form of Edible Seeds.

Pure Indian Spices are the most integral Part of any Household worldwide. At Jiwesh we make the best Blends for special recipes which makes an average Cook a Chef. Spice up your Lifestyle and Bring out the foodie in you with the collection of Jiwesh Pure Herbs and Premium Spices. It is our consistency in quality and Taste that will make us a permanent member of your Family.

Salto is our Premium Brand for Himalayan Pink Salt. Salt is the backbone of any food and if pure, also caters to a treasure of Health Benefits. Salto Pure Himalayan Pink Salt has 84 vital minerals that keep Blood Pressure Regulated and adds taste to your Healthy Meals. Do try our Healthy version of Salt for availing all the benefits that Pink Salt has to offer hence the phrase “White Nahi, Pink!”